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Sweet-Spicy Chicken Wings (Filipino-Vietnamese Twist)

Sweet-Spicy Chicken Wings. There was this Vietnamese restaurant where we love to eat because the ambiance was so pleasant and the food was really, really good especially their spicy chicken wings and noodles.

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Chicken Strips Tempura – Chicken Tempura

My chicken tempura is a hit in our kid’s party. Maybe because it’s so easy to eat (considered as finger food) and it’s tasty. Chicken strips are basically marinated in calamansi, garlic, salt and black pepper powder, then rolled in a batter mixture. Try this and your kids will definitely love it too.

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tinolang manok na may dahon ng amapalaya

Tinolang Manok (Filipino – Ilocano Recipe)

The common vegetables added in tinolang manok are papaya, malunggay leaves and “siling labuyo leaves/tops”.

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