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Dinakdakan (Ilocano – Filipino Recipe)

Dinakdakan is one of my favorite pork dishes. It is a comfort food that reminds me of happy, childhood memories because this is one of my mom’s specialties. Dinakdakan is always present in our family’s special lunch or dinner during special occasions.

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Igado – Ilocano Recipe

Igado is an original Ilocano cuisine. There are different versions of igado from different provinces or regions in the Philippines. Igado Ilocano is usually made of pork internal organs like liver, heart, kidney, also pork tongue and belly. My own version contains only the pork belly, liver, and pork tongue if available. If there’s no pork tongue available in your area, pork belly and liver will do…it’s still very good. For the vegetables, I usually add potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, garbanzos or green peas and siling haba (optional or if available)

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