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Litson Kawali or Lechon Kawali

Litson kawali or lechon kawali is an original Filipino recipe that is often present in a typical wedding reception in the provinces of Philippines. If you grew up in the province, you can relate to what I’m saying. 😀

If there are days when you’re craving for lechon baboy but you cannot afford to buy a whole lechon and there’s no reason to buy or to cook because there is no special occasion to celebrate, cook litson kawali and it’s the dish closest to lechon baboy. 😀 Here’s the recipe…

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Dinakdakan (Ilocano – Filipino Recipe)

Dinakdakan is one of my favorite pork dishes. It is a comfort food that reminds me of happy, childhood memories because this is one of my mom’s specialties. Dinakdakan is always present in our family’s special lunch or dinner during special occasions.

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Ginisang Bitsuelas Beans

Ginisang Bitsuelas Beans “Inggisa nga Bukel ti Lubias” (Sauteed White Kidney Beans or Cannellini Beans Stew)

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pansit bihon at canton gisado

Pancit Bihon Canton Guisado (Mixed Pancit Bihon and Pancit Canton)

Pancit bihon canton guisado or just pancit bihon is one of my most favorite food. I can actually eat pancit everyday without getting tired of it provided that there is a variation of flavor.

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