Dinakdakan (Ilocano – Filipino Recipe)

Dinakdakan is one of my favorite pork dishes. It is a comfort food that reminds me of happy, childhood memories because this is one of my mom’s specialties. Dinakdakan is always present in our family’s special lunch or dinner during special occasions.


dinakdakan with siling labuyo and onion leaves toppings
dinakdakan with siling labuyo and onion leaves toppings


1/2 kilo pork belly (Variation: 1/2 kilo pig ears or pig face)
1/4 pork liver
2 tablespoons of utak ng baboy “pig brain”
2 medium sized red onions (minced)
2 stalks of onion leaves (sliced thinly)
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup pure calamansi juice
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 tablespoons mayonnaise


1) Boil the pork belly or pig ears, liver and pig brain for about 30 minutes or medium tender.
Note that the brain should be wrapped securely in an aluminum foil before boiling it together with the pork. Or better yet, steam it separately, it’s up to you.
2) Grill the pork meat and liver for about 5 minutes,  flipping them  every once in a while.
3) Slice the pork meat and liver into thin and rectangular shape.
4) Combine the  soy sauce, calamansi juice/extract, black pepper, minced onions, mayonnaise, and utak ng baboy to the sliced pork meat and liver. Mix well then garnish it with the onion leaves.
5) Ready to serve with rice. Share and enjoy! 🙂


    • Mymy says:

      You can wrap the brain with aluminum foil then steam it. That’s the safest way to do it. And yes, in the province they do that…they put the “utak” inside a plastic (plastic ng ice) tie it then boil it for about 15 minutes. Haha!

    • Mymy says:

      It depends on how big the appetite of the persons who will eat especially for the typical Ilocano who loves dinengdeng and plenty of rice, this should be good for 2-3 persons. Small appetite, 3-5 persons.

    • Mymy says:

      Hello Angelo! most of my recipes I have posted here are authentic Ilocano recipes or Ilocano versions of famous Filipino recipes. Feel free to browse and try my other recipes like pinapaitan and igado; they are authentic Ilocano dishes. Enjoy cooking! 🙂

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