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SonicWall NSM Reporting Issue

Yesterday, I logged in to our SonicWall NSM and noticed that reports did not have data for a few days. I get an error when I generate the report in Reports / Rules. I go to Firewall / Inventory and go to our NSA 2700, and noticed that when you go to Monitor/ Overview / Live Monitor, there is no data.

Below are the steps I took to resolve the issue.

  • In Firewall View, Go to Device / AppFlow / Flow Reporting to check your settings. Checked Statistics, and made sure your connection flows and data flows. Check your Settings that it is still set to send the report.
  • Go to Device / Settings / Licenses and just check that your license did not expire.
  • Go to Device / Settings / Firmware and Settings and check the firmware version. This will be a good time to check if your cloud backup is working and download a local backup.

At the time, all looks good, except that the firmware is one release behind. I called support just to confirm that there is no current issue with NSM, and it was confirmed that there is no ongoing service issue. Support checked settings and suggested to update to the latest firmware.

  • I logged in to MySonicWall and downloaded the latest release. I logged in to our NSA 2700 locally and installed the firmware. The update took about 20 to 25 minutes since we have HA setup. Firmware was installed on Secondary, failed over to Secondary then it was installed on Primary. After the Primary installation was completed, I failed over back to Primary.
  • I went back to NSM and clicked on Synchronize Firewall as it is showing up as unmanaged.
  • I then clicked on Reconfigure Reporting & Analytics to make sure the reporting was synching.

The update process was smooth, and we experienced no significant disruptions during the transition to the latest firmware. 10 minutes, I revisited Firewall View / Monitor / Overview / Live Monitor on our SonicWall NSM, and I now see data/ information showing up.