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Dinengdeng nga Dukep

Dinengdeng nga dukep, we call it dukep in my province, sabsabidukong or sabidukong for some Ilocanos, and others call it also as bagbagkong is an edible, wild, vine flower which serves as a main ingredient in many Ilocano vegetable dishes especially in dinengdeng.

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Litson Kawali or Lechon Kawali

Litson kawali or lechon kawali is an original Filipino recipe that is often present in a typical wedding reception in the provinces of Philippines. If you grew up in the province, you can relate to what I’m saying. 😀

If there are days when you’re craving for lechon baboy but you cannot afford to buy a whole lechon and there’s no reason to buy or to cook because there is no special occasion to celebrate, cook litson kawali and it’s the dish closest to lechon baboy. 😀 Here’s the recipe…

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Pinakbet or Pakbet Ilocano Recipe

Pinakbet or Pakbet originated in Ilocos Region. It is a dish of mixed vegetables like ampalaya (bitter gourd), sitaw (long beans), talong (eggplant), okra, and kalabasa (squash). The Ilocano way of cooking pinakbet uses fish bagoong sauce instead of bagoong alamang. I also add patani in it to have a better aroma and to make it tastier. Sometimes, when I cook litson kawali, I set aside some slices to mix with my pinakbet the following day. For the recipe of my litson kawali, click here (Litson Kawali Recipe). Here’s the Ilocano style pinakbet or pakbet…

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Papaitan Kambing or Pinapaitang Kambing

Papaitan Kambing “Pinapaitan nga kalding”or Goat Innard Stew (Bitter Goat Stew) is a unique Ilocano cuisine that has a main ingredient of goat’s tripe, intestines, lungs, kidney, liver and papait (bile liquid).

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