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Dinengdeng nga Dukep

Dinengdeng nga dukep, we call it dukep in my province, sabsabidukong or sabidukong for some Ilocanos, and others call it also as bagbagkong is an edible, wild, vine flower which serves as a main ingredient in many Ilocano vegetable dishes especially in dinengdeng.

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Dinengdeng Buridibod nga Paltong with Fried Fish

Dinengdeng buridibod nga paltong (Stewed Long Beans Tops with Fried Fish-Native Ilocano Dish). Dinengdeng or inabraw is a native ilocano dish where different native/local vegetables are combined flavored with fish bagoong plus fried or grilled fish.

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Dinengdeng na Bunga ng Singkamas

Dinengdeng na bunga ng singkamas o dinengdeng ken sinamapalukan nga bunga ti lingkamas or in English, it can be translated as stewed jicama or yam bean or Mexican turnip fruit.

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Dinengdeng-Sinampalukang Puso ng Saging at Bunga ng Singkamas

Dinengdeng-Sinampalukang Puso ng Saging at Bunga ng Singkamas (Stewed Banana Blossom and Jicama Fruit Soured with Tamarind Fruit – Native Ilocano-Filipino Dish)

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