Dinengdeng nga Dukep

Dinengdeng nga dukep, we call it dukep in my province, sabsabidukong or sabidukong for some Ilocanos, and others call it also as bagbagkong is an edible, wild, vine flower which serves as a main ingredient in many Ilocano vegetable dishes especially in dinengdeng.

Dinengdeng is a native Ilocano dish which means a stew that contains mixed, locally grown vegetables flavored with fish bagoong. I do not know the English of this vine but one thing I’m sure of, this is edible, nutritious, and delicious (manamis-namis) when stewed. Naimas nga idengdeng, sagpawan ti bunga ti parya ken saluyot sa sagpawan ti intuno nga sida. Masarap itong dinengdeng at masarap ding ihalo sa ginisang monggo. The flowers and fruits of this vine plant come out only during rainy season in the Philippines. So, take the chance to try this sumptuous food when it is available.

dukep dinengdeng
dinengdeng na dukep (stewed dukep)

dukep fresh 2
freshly picked dukep/sabsabidukong

dukep fresh
our dukep vine plant in our fence…flowers in bloom this rainy season 🙂

1/4 kg. dukep or 1 atado – washed and drained
1 medium sized ampalaya fruit (bitter gourd fruit) – sliced thinly into 2 inches long
1 bundle saluyot
grilled fish (yellow fin fish)
1/4 cup fish bagoong sauce
2 cups water
pinch of magic sarap/vetsin

1) Bring the water to boil. Add the fish, bagoong and magic sarap. Bring to boil then add the dukep and saluyot. Simmer for 3-5 minutes.
2) Add the ampalaya and simmer for 2 minutes.
3) Ready to serve with steamed rice. Serve hot and enjoy!

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  1. alejandro corpuz jr. says:

    The traditional ilokano way of cooking never used ready made seasoning like magic sarap,use msg instead .

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