Dinengdeng-Sinampalukang Puso ng Saging at Bunga ng Singkamas

Dinengdeng-Sinampalukang Puso ng Saging at Bunga ng Singkamas (Stewed Banana Blossom and Jicama Fruit Soured with Tamarind Fruit – Native Ilocano-Filipino Dish)

Puso ng saging in Tagalog or Filipino, sabunganay in Ilocano, and banana blossom or bud in English. Singkamas in Tagalog, lingkamas in Ilocano and jicama or yam bean or turnip in English. These 2 are excellent to combine for dinengdeng (native stew dishes for Ilocanos), with fried or grilled fish soured with young tamarind fruit.

Banana blossoms have several nutritional value. According to www.livestrong.com, banana blossoms help in antioxidant activity, the methanol extracts of banana flowers possess antioxidant properties and thereby stabilize the free radicals formed as a result of various metabolic processes in the body. If the free radicals are not neutralized, their unstable electrons react with the DNA and proteins of human cells and alter their properties. This can lead to several chronic conditions, including cancer and heart disease. The authors of a study published in October 2010 issue of the journal “Food Science and Biotechnology” recommend the use of banana flower extracts to make health supplements due to its antioxidant potential.

Banana blossoms also helps in menstrual bleeding. Consuming one cooked banana flower with one cup of curd or yogurt is one of the most efficient way of treating excessive bleeding during menstruation, says the website Himalayan Home Remedies. The cooked banana flower and curd combination increases the level of progesterone in the body and thereby reduces bleeding associated with menorrhagia.

puso ng saging at bunga ng singkamas

1 buong puso ng saging (pinakuluan ng 10 min. at piniga)
1/2 kg. bunga ng singkamas
5 piraso na katamtamang laki ng sampalok
1 buong inihaw na bangus (variation: pwede ring pork meat, cut into strips)
1/2 tasa isdang bagoong
3 tasa tubig

1) Ilagay ang 3 tasa ng tubig sa lutuan. Ilagay ang inihaw na isda. Pakuluan.
2) Ilagay ang 1/2 tasa ng bagoong, bunga ng singkamas at puso ng saging. Pakuluan at hintaying maluto ang bunga ng singkamas.
3) Ilagay ang sampalok. Maghintay ng 3-5 minuto para maluto ang sampalok at humalo ang asim sa sabaw ng dinengdeng pagkatapos ay pwede nang ihain.

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