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Dinengdeng Buridibod nga Paltong with Fried Fish

Dinengdeng buridibod nga paltong (Stewed Long Beans Tops with Fried Fish-Native Ilocano Dish). Dinengdeng or inabraw is a native ilocano dish where different native/local vegetables are combined flavored with fish bagoong plus fried or grilled fish.

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Dinengdeng Buridibod nga Marunggay, Bungon ken Katuday

Dinengdeng Buridibod nga Marunggay, Bungon/Alukon ken Katuday. Buridibod is the term we, Ilocanos, use when a dinengdeng or inabraw (Ilocano, soupy dish with mix of different kinds of vegetables plus fried or grilled fish, flavored with bagoong or fish sauce) uses kamote (sweet potato) as the main ingredient.

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