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Nhymbe Experience

My wife was browsing the web and was complaining about Ads taking over web pages ruining the experience. All she wanted was to read the blog and Ads just keep popping up and she will need to scroll down so many times.

This made me think about Nhymbe. I recently enabled Auto ads without looking into how it would affect user experience. The Auto Ads in Google Adsense make it easy to set up ads on your website. The downside if you don’t set it up is a not-so-good user experience just like what my wife pointed out when browsing another website.

I hope that after making changes to the settings, the user experience of guests is better and doesn’t get in the way of getting the information they need.

Laravel Notes

These are my notes as I am learning Laravel. Its gets overwhelming looking at the documentation and tutorials so I made this post.

How to create a new laravel project.
Navigate to htdocs folder of development server and use this command

laravel new appname 

To build a new app with authentication use this command

laravel new appname --auth 
How to run a specific migration file.
use this command

php artisan migrate --path=/database/migrations/migration_file.php 
How to add a back link.
use this command

<a href="{{ url()->previous() }}">Back</a>

This will link back to previous page.

Database Migration documentation.
If you need to view column types when building your table in a migration file.

How to create migration file.
Command to build a new migration file.

php artisan make:migration create_tablename_table --create=tablename
How to view all route.
Use this command.

php artisan route:list

Web Development – My Beginning

In 2005, I started working on a web application project for work, to replace an Access database that hosts information of individuals we care for in our organization. At that time, the database was maintained by two employees, who are in-charge of data entry and printing of report for different departments. However, the demand to add more tables and access to the database by various employees grew. We needed to find a better way to manage our information, which led me to start the web application project.

I wasn’t really a web developer but had enough knowledge to build something basic, that is good enough for what we need at that time. I’ve looked at different programming language to build this project and settled with ColdFusion. It was introduced to me by a friend who was a web developer. ColdFusion was easy to learn and is truly for rapid development. Within 3 months time, I was able to build the application and was able to convince our CEO to buy a standard license with the help of our Medical Records Director and Chief Nursing Officer.

The application was able to resolve the issues we were having and was able to help our organization to manage data that we collect and process. This was how I started and got into web development and really got interested in learning more.