WP Customize and Live Preview Not Working.

I finally got the chance to work on a WordPress project today. Aside from doing routine maintenance, one of my goal for the day is to look for a theme that I can start with, to bring a new look to the site. I saw a new theme released by WordPress and wanted to see how it would look like using this theme. Downloaded the theme, and clicked on customize and live preview wasn’t working.

It is giving me a blank page. It made me worry a little bit as I just have finished updating everything. I searched online for what could’ve caused this to happen. I’ve seen a lot of “Customize/Live Preview not working” topic. As I read through the forums, a lot of it was resolved by deactivating plugins.

Since my goal to begin with is to change our theme, I went ahead and start deactivating each plugin used in this project. After deactivating all the plugins, I opened Customize and yes I was able to do a live preview. Of course it doesn’t end there, I needed to figure out which plugin is causing the issue.

I started by activating a plugin and then go back to customize to see if it is still working. Luckily, I only have 8 plugins I use for this project and I started with the one I needed the most. In this case, I found out 2 plugins (WP-FlashTagCloud and WP-PageNavi) causing this customize page to return a blank page and 1 plugin (Jetpack by WordPress.com) that will let you preview the site but won’t allow you to save any changes.

When you search and read about this issue, every user experience this with a different plugin and in this case it was this three. I use this plugins with other projects and I am curious if others are experiencing the same thing.

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