Bulaklak ng Kalabasa – Dinengdeng na May Sitaw

Bulaklak ng kalabasa or squash flowers and tops na may sitaw ay masarap na dinengdeng. Lalo na kapag maraming mga buto-butyo ng sitaw…napakalasa nito! Dagdagan pa ng pritong isda at may sawsawang kamatis at bagoong. Pudo nga Ilocano nga makan! A very Ilocano meal indeed!

I also love the squash tops or “uggot wenno rangaw ti karabasa” in Iloko. I also include it in my dinengdeng. Many times, I include bulaklak ng kalabasa in “buridibod” (a type of dinengdeng where sweet potato root crop is added to add a little sweet taste in dinengdeng). At times, I just make the “bulaklak ng kalabasa” into salad, boil it for few minutes then add sliced, fresh tomatoes with fish bagoong sauce and onion (lasona or shallots), that makes the simple recipe called ensaladang bulaklak ng kalabasa. ­čÖé As I have mentioned in my other authentic Ilocano recipes/blog, Ilocanos or Filipinos in general are very creative when it comes to cooking and we don’t waste the blessings that God had given us. The abundance of vegetables and even grass in our country are a blessing from God that we turn them into sumptuous food. ­čÖé

dinengdeng na bulaklak ng kalabasa
bulaklak ng kalabasa – dinengdeng with sitaw
bulaklak ng kalabasa
ensaladang sitaw ken rangaw wenno uggot ti karabasa (squash tops and string beans salad)

3 cups string beans (freshly harvested) – cut into 2 inches long, seeds included
3 cups bulaklak ng kalabasa (squash flowers)
1/2 cup fish bagoong sauce
1 teaspoon magic sarap
2 cups water

1) Bring the water to boil. Add the fish bagoong sauce.
2) Add the magic sarap and string beans. Simmer for 8-10 minutes.
3) Add the “bulaklak ng kalabasa” and simmer for another 3-4 minutes.
4) Ready to serve with steamed rice and fried fish. Enjoy! ­čÖé

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