Apps that I use as an IT professional

Occasionally I get asked about what app I use or install on my work laptop or smartphone. So here we go, I am putting up a list of apps that I have and use for my work as an IT professional. This list is not a must-have recommendation, I am just sharing what I use and if you are interested you can just simply click the links. If you think I need to add an app to my list please leave a message below.

  1. Putty (
  2. Wireshark (
  3. Clonezilla (
  4. Advanced IP Scanner (
  5. Visual Studio Code (
  6. balenaEtcher (
    I use balenaEtcher to create installation media, like Windows 10, Ubuntu, and others.
  7. TreeSize (
  8. FileZilla (
  9. Google Chrome (
    I installed the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension, which I use to manage Chromebooks.
  10. Snipping Tool
  11. Windows Powershell

Apps on my phone

  1. 1Password (
  2. Google Authenticator
  3. Speedtest (

Below are bookmarked web pages of websites that I use.

  1. Spiceworks Community (
  2. Spiceworks IP Lookup (
  3. Wireshark OUI Lookup Tool (
  4. Shodan (
  5. Dell Drivers and Downloads (
  6. Speedtest (

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