Fried Galunggong – Prito nga Bulilit

Fried galunggong is an all-time favorite dish of a Filipino…especially if it’s crunchy and the size is just right. You can practically eat even the head of each fish! 🙂 I can say that you’re not a real Filipino if you don’t like fried galunggong.

Galunggong in English is scad while we Ilocanos call it bulilit. I don’t know why, but scad here in US is not that tasty compared to what we have in the Philippines. I’ve tried many times buying galunggong here but it’s really not that yummy. I miss Pinas more…the food, the people there, everything! As for the dipping sauce of fried galunggong, I like to mix fresh, sliced and minced tomatoes, shallots, fish bagoong (KBL-kamatis, bagoong, lasona), and minced Indian mango. Oh my, it’s really heavenly. Ihanda ang maraming kanin para di magkulang! hehe!

fried galunggong

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