Tapsilog and Hotsilog – Filipino Breakfast Favorites

Tapsilog is a combination of beef tapa/jerky, fried rice and egg over-easy while “Hotsilog” is a combination of hotdogs, fried rice and egg over-easy.

These two combinations are my husband and I’s favorite breakfast meal. Since it’s our favorite, I tried making my own version instead of ordering it in Jollibee or other restaurants every now and then that offer this kind of meal. My husband prefer the hotsilog while I prefer the tapsilog. Beef tapa is usually marinated in soy sauce, garlic, pepper, and brown sugar for long hours then dried directly under the heat of the sun. For my recipe of beef tapa click here…(beef tapa recipe). For my fried rice, I added carrots, green beans, garlic powder and onions. For some, they also add green beans, sweet corn and minced garlic. Well, it depends on your preference but for us (hubby and I), we both love “fried rice ala-My” 🙂 Have fun cooking and have a hearty breakfast meal everyone!


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