Nilagang Kamote – Steamed Purple Sweet Potato

Nilagang Kamote or inlingta nga violet nga kamote is a snack or “meryenda” that I won’t be tired of. This is my all-time favorite snack.

I can always imagine myself sipping a cup of coffee and eating the small, purple sweet potatoes. Others may think it’s cheap but if you grew up in the barrio, you will understand. I have many fond memories with this meryenda…when we were young, my older siblings and I usually go to the farm with our mother, bringing this kind of meryenda for those who work in our farm. Or during rainy season, we have the steamed, purple kamote as afternoon snack paired with our freshly brewed local coffee. I’m feeling nostalgic right now 🙂

This variety of sweet potato is really purple from the outside to inside. There is a kind of sweet potato which is purple only from the outside and when you peel it, the color of the inside is white. When I’m in the mood to cook, I segregate the bigger sweet potatoes, steam them, grate them and make them into halayang kamote instead of halayang ube hehe! The taste is also good, close to halayang ube. Click here for the recipe of halayang ube or kamote.

nilagang kamote

halayang kamote
nilagang kamote

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