Turon o Lumpiang Saging “Banana Roll”

Turon is a famous lutuing Pinoy which is simply a fried banana fruit coated in caramelized brown sugar and wrapped in lumpia wrapper or spring roll wrapper.

It is one of the most loved street foods alongside with vegetable lumpia, banana cue, kamote cue and others. In other Philippine regions, they put sweetened monggo or mung beans as a filling to their turon and others also used malagkit or glutinous rice. As for me I add jackfruit to my turon if available, to add more taste and aroma.


10 pcs. banana (saging na saba) – sliced into 2
20 pcs. lumpia wrapper
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup jackfruit – sliced into long strips
1 cup vegetable oil for frying

1) Roll the banana onto sugar.
2) Wrap 1 banana slice and 2-4 jackfruit slices with lumpia wrapper.
3) Fry the banana rolls flipping them every now and then until they turn into golden brown.
4) Ready to serve. Share and enjoy! 🙂

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