Kitchen Aid Mandoline Slicer Set

My husband bought my Kitchen Aid Mandoline Slicer Set recently in Costco for only $24.99 compared to other store’s price of $49 or more in other online shops! He bought this for me to make my life easier in cooking.

In most cases, cooking is a whole lot easier than preparing the vegetables or fruits to cook. I can say that mandoline slicer set is very helpful especially in cooking dishes that require minced onion, thin and thick julienne carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes (kamote), chayote, and the like. We all know that it takes more time in slicing julienne vegetables than the usual slice in strips or quarter, so this tool is perfect for that matter. If you also want to make potato chips or fried onion rings, or slice perfectly the cucumber you can also use the mandoline slicer set by using the default blade, where you can also adjust the desired thickness/thinness of the slices by turning the soft dial controller. The food holder is soft and large enough that holds food securely and protects my fingers from cutting. Generally speaking, I like this kitchen tool though of course there are some limitations like, I cannot comfortably make use of this tool when slicing bell pepper or any food/vegetable similar to that so I prefer using my kitchen knife instead. Nevertheless, this is a very useful kitchen tool and I am happy for having this.

kitchen aid mandoline slicer set

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