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This website is an ongoing project, which is created as a place where we can show and share stuff that we learn everyday. I hope you will enjoy our work. If you are having difficulties in viewing it on your browser, email us at inquiry[at]nhymbe.net.

online business directory

This idea started when I went home to the Philippines last August of 2008 . We wanted to watch a particular movie in a newly-established mall in our place; but we were not sure if this movie is already showing or not, or what time will be shown. That and other instances, made me realize to start this project. A project that could help; not only to “balikbayans” like me but also; to local and foreign tourists, business owners, and to the whole community.

The project’s goal is create a business directory database that user’s can search and update.

If you are a business establishment and want to apply for free listing just email us at inquiry at nhymbe.net with a subject of FREE LISTING APPLICATION. Pls. be advised that listing applications are being checked, and will take about a week to post your business from the day of application.


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